What Is The Weekly Income For Workers’ Comp Benefits?

When a workers’ compensation claim is filed after an on-the-job injury, many people have the same question on their minds. They wonder: “How much will my weekly pay be while I am unable to work?” The answer differs from case to case. It is difficult to know exactly how much you will receive weekly once your claim is approved.



You’ll Only Receive a Portion of Your Weekly Income Pay

Many people misunderstand workers’ compensation. While temporarily disabled, they think they will be paid the same rate as they did while working. However, a work injury victim typically will only receive two-thirds of their weekly pay.
For example, if you made $500 each week at your job, your workers’ compensation pay would be $333 — at the most. While receiving any compensation is preferable to none at all, it is challenging for families accustomed to a certain weekly pay. There is often a maximum set in place that changes from year to year. In fact, some high-wage earners will receive less than two-thirds of their weekly pay.

Tips, Bonuses, Commissions, Etc.

It’s very important to factor in any meals, tips, bonuses, lodging or commissions when calculating workers’ compensation weekly pay. For example, if an individual making $500 a week in base pay also earned an average of $300 more per week in commissions, this would increase the maximum benefit amount to $532.80.
To ensure you’re getting the full workers’ compensation benefits you are entitled to, it’s critical to consult with a seasoned lawyer. Contact our workers’ compensation law firm today for a consultation to discuss your case in detail.

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