What You Need To Know About Temporary Disability Benefits 

After an injury sustained at work, you may qualify for temporary disability benefits. This is the technical term for the benefits paid out with medical benefits. Temporary disability benefits are paid when an injured person cannot return to work for a period of time after an on-the-job accident.



How Long Is Temporary Disability Paid?

How long would these disability benefits are paid out differs from case to case. There are a few things that would immediately stop benefits. The first happens when the individual can to return to work. Keep in mind, at this point he may be eligible for supplemental earnings benefits if returning to a position that pays less. Secondly, benefits cease if the individual is disabled and not expected to improve. In most states, these disability benefits end after two years. This is regardless of whether the individual can return to work or is considered disabled.

How Much Is Paid?

Temporary disability benefits are paid at two-thirds the injured individual’s weekly income, up to a certain amount. Most states have a maximum. So, higher wage earners may end up receiving less than two-thirds of their weekly pay if it would exceed the maximum limits set forth by the state. The maximums change from year to year, and it’s important to check with your lawyer to ensure you receive the benefits due to you after a work injury.
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