What You Need To Know About Supplemental Earnings Benefits

Supplemental earnings benefits apply when a person injured at work returns to some form of work. This work may not be in the same capacity as before.

How Much Will My Earnings Benefits Be?  

For example, a worker may earn $600 per week. However, an accident rendered the worker unable to perform that same job. Then, the worker is forced to accept a lower paying job in accordance with their new abilities.
The new job, however, may only pay $300 per week. Supplemental earnings benefits can provide two-thirds of the difference between the old pay and the new pay. In the above case, the worker may be eligible for earnings benefits in the amount of $199.98 in addition to their new weekly pay of $300.

How Often Are Supplemental Earnings Benefits Paid?

In many states, supplemental earnings benefits are paid monthly, regardless of the new job’s pay schedule.

How Long Will The Earnings Benefits Last?

Supplemental earnings benefits can last a significant amount of time. In some states, it is paid out for as many as 520 weeks, less the weeks you were paid full workers’ comp benefits while you were unable to return to work.
Obtaining earnings benefits requires a great deal of effort. There’s a high burden of proof to show you are physically unable to return to the type of work with higher pay. Contact our experienced workers’ compensation lawyers today for help getting the benefits you need. We will help you move forward after a debilitating on-the-job injury.

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