Lawyer For Permanent Total Disability 

Do you suffer from severe work-related injuries that make you unable to return to work in any capacity? Do these injuries make you considered seriously disabled? If so, you may be eligible for permanent total disability benefits, also known as a life pension payment.

Who Is Eligible for Permanent Total Disability Benefits?

To be eligible this type of disability, you must exhaust all treatment options. Also, a doctor must state that you are considered totally, permanently disabled. If there are treatments available for your condition that might improve your disability status, you will not be eligible for PTD. However, you can still collect other forms of workers’ compensation during this time.

Permanent Total Disability Lawyer


How Much Does Permanent Total Disability Pay?

How much you receive depends on your state’s laws and how much you earned at your job. Additional factors include the future income loss expected from your total disability.

Is Permanent Total Disability Paid in a Lump Sum?

These disability payments are not a settlement. Therefore, they are generally not paid in a lump sum. In fact, most states will pay out PTD benefits monthly or bi-weekly.
Obtaining approval for permanent total disability benefits is challenging. This is because most employers and insurance companies will do what they can to ensure you aren’t considered “totally” disabled. Contact a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer for the legal advocacy you need after a permanent disability after a work-related accident.

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