Lawyer For Permanent Partial Disability 

Permanent partial disability (PPD) benefits are a type of workers’ compensation benefit. It is paid to partially disabled individuals who can return to work in some capacity shortly after their work-related injury. PPD is the most common type of workers’ comp benefit. In fact, it constitutes over half of all workers’ comp claims.

What Conditions Qualify for Permanent Partial Disability Benefits?

Both occupational injuries and illnesses can qualify for PPD benefits, most commonly carpal tunnel syndrome, back injuries, hearing loss, or post-traumatic stress disorder due to a work-related accident.

How Much Is Paid?

The payout to the injured individual varies greatly. Every state pays differently. The payment varies based on how injured the individual is. A doctor is required to rate the individual’s level of disability. He/she will state if they are 10%, 25%, or 50% disabled. How disabled a person is rated by their physician determines the amount they receive. However, some states base their PPD benefits on how much income the injured individual is expected to lose as a result of their injury.

Will Taxes Be Paid on Permanent Partial Disability Benefits?

Generally, workers’ compensation benefits are exempt from taxes. However, if you are receiving other types of benefits, such as supplemental disability, the situation becomes more complicated. It’s always wise to work with an attorney regarding any workers’ compensation benefits you receive.
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